The top courses to help get you hired June 2015

The top courses to help get you hired June 2015

Here are three courses you could be studying right now, ensuring it isn't just the weather that is hotting up this June...

Sun, sea and… certifications?

The weather isn’t the only thing heating up this month*. We have thousands of qualifications on the site to help take your career to the next level, enhance your skillset or just make the most of your free time, meaning there really is no excuse not to learn something new. Even if it’s from the comfort of your own sun lounger.

If you want something more this summer, here are three of the top courses on right now:

AAT Level 2 & 3
When it comes to accountancy and acronyms, this course ranks right up there.

AAT, which stands for the Association of Accounting Technicians (obviously) is the UK’s leading professional membership body for accounting staff, and has over 120,000 members in over 90 countries worldwide.

This combined course not only provides you with all the basics needed to start working in the accountancy sector, it also helps you kick on and reach the next level, covering key units such as processing bookkeeping transactions and how to calculate indirect tax.

Still not convinced? Until the end of the month we’re offering a brand new tablet, completely free of charge, for everyone that enrols. Your move, other qualifications…

What do I need? There are no formal pre-requisites.

How long will it last? 700 hours (part-time, at your own pace).

Perfect for: People who are good with numbers (and free things).

CIM Introductory Certificate in Marketing
If you’ve always wanted to work in Marketing, but have no idea how to get started, chances are you haven’t heard of CIM.

The industry standard when it comes to getting certified, the Chartered Institute of Marketing offer a range of qualifications to help you learn the craft, and this introductory course is perfect for anyone who’s just starting out on the ladder.

You’ll be taught key principles, such as internal and external marketing, and get to grips with how marketing works as a cross-functional activity, as well as learning more about the marketing mix than you ever thought possible.

Once completed, the CIM Introductory Certification will allow you to start applying for roles such as Marketing Assistant and Social Media Marketing Assistant, as well as being able to throw a few knowing nods in when watching that Mad Men DVD boxset you got for Christmas but never quite got around to watching/understood.

What do I need? No formal pre-requisites for enrolling. Just an active interest in Marketing.

How long will it last? Around 160 hours, although both part-time and full-time study options are available.

Perfect for: People who are big on brands.

Web Designer package
Looking for a big package?

This comprehensive bundle certainly ticks the box. Brushing up your design basics and covering fundamentals such as site development and SEO, and key software such as HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver, this is the perfect course for anyone who likes to get more for their money.

All learning is done online, meaning it can be fit around your busy schedule, and once completed will provide you with two qualifications – CIW Site Design Associate and CIW Web Design Specialist. Both of which sound particularly impressive when it comes to your CV.

Or, you know, just in polite conversation. That too.

What do I need? No previous experience or qualifications are necessary in order to get started.

How long will it last? Around 200 hours.

Perfect for: People who are redesigning this page as they read.

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