Adobe: What you need to know

Adobe: What you need to know

Tempted by a career in web design or development? Then Adobe may well be the training package for you. We spoke with e-Careers to find out more...

Looking to break into Web Development or Design? An Adobe qualification might be for you…

Whether you’re still searching for your dream job, or you’re ready to move to the next level with a professional qualification, the Adobe Suite is essential knowledge for anyone looking to work in a creative field.

Not sure what your options are? Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know:

What is the Adobe suite?

Adobe is the global leader in producing digital marketing and creative software.

They offer a wide range of programs from web design tools, photo manipulation and vector creation, through to video/audio editing, mobile app development, print layout and animation software.

The Adobe Creative Suite (CS) is a series of software programs, comprising of graphic design, video editing and web development applications, allowing users all over the world to create ground-breaking content, whether it’s in print, or online.

Who should become Adobe certified?

Anyone with an interest in graphic design, web design, animation, film making or photography would make the perfect candidate for learning Adobe.

Students come from a wide range of backgrounds with a varying degree of previous experience. You could be a student looking to brush up on your Graphic Design skills and find your first job in the industry, or a small business owner looking to grow your skills and build your own site.

There are no real pre-requisites to start learning Adobe programs.

What are the different Adobe qualifications?

There are a number of different Adobe programs you can become certified in.

The one that’s right for you will depend on your own interests and the industry you’re looking to break into.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular Adobe qualifications:

Dreamweaver – A software program used by Web Developers and Web Designers to build, publish and manage a range of websites and applications.

Flash – A program that allows users to create rich content, such as vector graphics and animations, as well as interactive content, such as mobile applications and games.

Illustrator – Primarily used by Graphic Designers, Illustrator allows users to create artwork used for projects in print, and online.

InDesign – The industry standard publishing application, both in print and online. InDesign can be used to create content ranging from posters and brochures, through to magazines, newspapers and books.

Photoshop – One of the most popular Adobe programs, Photoshop is a globally recognised photo and image editing program, often seen as the industry-leader in its field for Photographers and Graphic Designers.

Premiere – A timeline-based video editing platform, allowing users to take their videos, add effects, grading, titles and other features to produce professional quality finished products.

Will I become certified?

Yes. Certifications are available for all of the programs listed above, as are many others under the Adobe banner.

All Adobe certifications come under the CS or CC categories, for Creative Suite and Creative Cloud respectively. CS6 is the most up-to-date of the Creative Suite certifications.

How long will it take?

As many of the courses can be taken part-time and online, how long it takes to get qualified will generally be up to you.

It will also depend on your previous level of experience, and how much studying is needed before the exam. As a rough guideline, most courses offer a year’s worth of support, and many include exams as part of the package.

What are the benefits of taking an Adobe course?

There are many potential benefits of becoming Adobe certified, including:

  • Being in greater demand by employers
  • Validating your skills
  • Opportunities for career advancement
  • More lucrative salaries
  • Being globally-recognised as an expert in your field

How do I know if an Adobe course is right for me?

Still not convinced? Becoming Adobe certified might be for you if:

  • You’re interested in becoming a Graphic Designer, Web Designer or Web Developer
  • You’ve always wanted to build your own websites, applications and animations
  • You regularly use Adobe products and want sharpen your skills
  • You’re looking for something to help your CV stand-out
  • You just want to make your holiday pictures look a little bit better

Why study Adobe with e-Careers?

Working with e-Careers provides all the benefits of e-learning (such as being able to study out of the classroom, and at your own pace), as well as comprehensive 24hr support (Monday-Friday), meaning your questions will be answered whenever you need a helping hand.

Access to e-Careers courses lasts for an entire year, allowing you to go back and revisit any of the units and refresh your skills.

Other advantages of studying with e-Careers include bespoke packages to suit every level of learner, and free mock tests to help you prepare for the exams.

What are their students saying?

“I have done the Adobe Certified Webmaster course with e-Careers, it was a wonderful experience and also very informative. Thank you e-Careers for having quality training materials. It was an innovative and interesting learning experience. I would suggest this learning to my friends in the future.”

-Raja Benadic

Have had no issues with anything at e-Careers and there have been no hidden surprises with money etc. Was able to conduct my course at my own time around work and am now safely on my way to being an expert at InDesign. My service with them and all the staff has been thoroughly enjoyable and I’ve been very impressed. Thank you!

-Amy Spicer

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